Risk Management for Banks & Credit Unions

NatureTrak's enterprise solution is purposed built for financial institutions banking cannabis. Streamline your operations across risk mitigation, document management, transaction verification, and much more — all from a single platform.

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Total MRB Transactions


MRB Cash Deposits


MRB Clients

With NatureTrak, we’ve drastically decreased the amount of time that we spend connecting dots to ensure that we are banking only legitimate businesses, which is a huge deal.

Carole McCormick, Chief Compliance Officer- North Bay Credit Union
Marijuana Anomaly Detection

Use real data to mitigate common areas of risk.

Verify licenses automatically

Verify MRB clients across all regulatory agencies and use data insights to accept bank deposits without the risk.

Ensure compliance across systems

Aggregate data  from chain of custody systems such as inventory management, distribution logistics, and point of sale platforms.

Manage your reports all in one place

Perform real-time audits, analysis, and reports on all cannabis-related deposits and transactions.

Gain full visibility across all your client data.

Risk Scoring

Manage MRB's at a glance with our MRB risk score. M.A.D rule-based assessment, balance sheets, profit & loss statements, deposit ratios, audits, and much more.

Real-time Transaction Alerts

Verify transactions before deposits enter the bank using our M.A.D rule-based transaction monitoring tool. Flag unusual activity in real-time within the supply chain of custody. Feel confident that only deposits from government tracked product enters the bank.

Pre-Deposit Verification

Find invoices, transaction data, and manifests and cross reference deposits using M.A.D's rule-based engine to protect deposits entering into the financial institution.


HIPAA compliant, SOC I & II,
PPI Compliant, METRC certified.


Track and trace software that integrates directly with Metrc.


Operate your business efficiently with electronic payments.

Track MRB's
From Seed to Sale.

Recent Updates

As leaders in the cannabis compliance marketplace, Simplifya, NatureTrak, and HDCS have formed an alliance.

By acquiring Copacetic Strategies, NatureTrak has expanded its offerings and expertise which includes risk mitigation and more.

This webinar, co-hosted by HDCS, NatureTrak, and Simplifya, will explain how to bank cannabis safely and profitably. Together, we’ll share insights into the policies.

Understand the complexities and risks of this sector as cannabis product moves through the supply chain to its final destination.

Jontae James is the founder and CEO of Sacramento-based NatureTrak, which works with financial institutions to create an auditable supply chain record for their legal cannabis business customers.

Jontae shares his thoughts about social-equity programs that level the playing field for disadvantaged communities, offers advice for tech entrepreneurs hoping to make it in cannabis!