For Financial Institutions

Increase transparency of MRB client activity.

Built to connect financial institutions and cannabis-related businesses, NatureTrak is the only risk management platform compliant with Marijuana Activity Detection or M.A.D - a proprietary rules-based engine to flag unusual activity in the supply chain and pre-vet deposits before entering the bank. Sign up for a demo to get started!

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Workflow Management


Boost full-time employee productivity by diving into the details of each activity and adding notes, attachments and due dates.


A modular and easy to follow application process that adheres to all EDD and KYCC.


Bring your KYCC and MRB client forms together into an central location for easy requests, uploads, and exports.


Collaborate in real-time with your MRB clients or compliance specialist. All communication is kept in one simple easy to navigate space within NatureTrak.

MRB's must request to add new vendors to their existing Vendor List for bank approval.

Manage the MRB vendor database - conduct EDD, KYCC and approve.

Once approved, MRB'S can receive deposits or pay vendors vetted in the centralized MRB vendor database.

Vendor Management


Bank Core or AML Software

Integrate with your core banking system or AML software to manage your MRB transaction activity or use as a standalone solution.


SARS, CTRS, Employe KPI's, Deposit History, Data analytics, Risk Assessment, and Examiner report and more.

Marijuana Activity Detection

M.A.D is the NatureTrak's proprietary rules-based engine that monitors supply chain activity, transactions, regulatory compliance and financial modeling that flags potential risks and suspicious activities.

Cash Deposit Process

Using NatureTrak, the MRB schedules a cash pickup with an armored car.

Cash is picked up by the armored car.

Email of cash totals for federal deposits is automatically sent to the bank.

The bank receives the wire for the master account.

Finally, the bank disburses funds to the MRB accounts.


Risk Scoring

M.A.D enables banks to optimize risk assessment of MRB clients throughout relationship management.

SAR's Filings

Outfitted with your Marijuana Limited, Marijuana Priority, Marijuana Termination &  CTRS for your MRB compliance program.

NatureTrak automates the SARs filing with in one easy-to-mange place.

Marijuana Limited, Priority, or Termination SAR narrative is pre-populated & customizable.

NatureTrak is integrated with FinCEN for automated filing capabilities.

MSAR Process


HIPAA compliant, SOC I & II,
PPI Compliant, METRC certified.


Track and trace software that integrates directly with Metrc.


Operate your business efficiently with electronic payments.

Track MRB's
From Seed to Bank.