For Financial Institutions

Increase transparency of CRB client activity.

Built to connect Financial Institutions and Cannabis Related Businesses, NatureTrak is the only Risk Management platform compliant with state-specific banking laws. We call it MAD, Marijuana Activity Detection.

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The level of oversight that we now have tells us everything we need to know and increases transparency between us and our members, making for a wonderful experience on both ends and quick processing times.

Jessica Gonzales, North Bay Credit Union

More profitability and less risk.

Compliance, traceability, and visibility.

NatureTrak allows banks to determine both voluntary and non-voluntary exposures to the cannabis industry.

Define your risk metrics established by law and the respective bank parameters. Aggregate data specified by state cannabis laws and guidelines. Optimize your existing compliance process and requirements that are defined by OFAC, FinCEN and BSA as it relates to Marijuana Suspicious Activity Reports (MSAR’s).

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Verify CRB clients across all regulatory agencies.

Flag suspicious activity and manage documents.

Simplify the complexity of METRC reporting.

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License Verification

Bring compliance state data and financial insights together.

Document Management

Manage important documentation and flag suspicious activity.

Customer Auditing

Verify your CRB clients across all regulatory agencies.

Now, we can focus more of our time on finding new ways to help the expansion of cannabis banking and serving our members.

Monica Miranda, North Bay Credit Union

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