Cannabis Financial Advisory

NatureTrak provides ongoing or project-based cannabis financial services advisory. We can assist financial institutions with an exit strategy that maintains compliance with all applicable regulation, including increased reporting requirements.

Our Advisory Includes

Solutions to the U.S. Department of Justice guidance on the evaluation of corporate compliance programs.

Risk Assessments

Many financial institutions do not have the capacity or expertise to distinguish cannabis businesses and ancillary businesses and appropriately identify the associated risks. NatureTrak works with financial institutions to implement cannabis-specific inherent risk assessments so you can have better optics on underlying risk when working with cannabis businesses and ancillary businesses.

Cannabis Business

Regardless of whether the financial institution serves the cannabis ecosystem, a method to identify cannabis businesses is the first step to supporting the board of director’s decision regarding serving the cannabis industry. NatureTrak’s cannabis and ancillary business risk models provide a quantitative method to identify these customer types and take appropriate action.

Training of Staff

Raising the baseline institutional knowledge of the cannabis ecosystem is key to successful outcomes. Training programs designed by former cannabis regulators equips financial institutions with the knowledge and know-how their employees need to operate confidently in the complex cannabis market space. Whether front line staff or the board of directors, Copacetic Strategies will increase the ability of employees and management to make informed decisions when interacting with the cannabis ecosystem.

Exit Strategies

Prior to providing services to cannabis businesses, regulators advise that a plan to remove the cannabis customer segment be developed. Copacetic Strategies can assist financial institutions with an exit strategy that maintains compliance with all applicable regulation, including increased reporting requirements.

Cannabis Financial Advisory

Cannabis Expansion Pilot

Our Services Include

Providing a rubric for examining customers along the cannabis risk vector

Training your staff to raise their knowledge in the area

Developing and implementing a monitor or detective control to identify mis-categorized customers


Connect to POS and Track & Trace
to unlock more insights.


Our security tools help protect your account—and your customers' data.


Comprised of industry supply chain, municipalities, and now banks.

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