NatureTrak can save you up to
10% on your insurance premium.

The state requires that canna-businesses have the ability to track product. Businesses must give an accounted record of who has touched the product and when and where the product has been before it goes into the retail market. NatureTrak gives businesses the ability to track and trace the product via a simple to use interface.

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RFID Tags and Barcode Scan

Track plants all the way form clone to harvest to products to shipments

Inventory Management

Add, remove and reconcile your product from initial creation to final consumption

Chain of Custody

Transfer goods and services throughout the supply chain in real-time during employee and business transactions


Whether before or after harvest, keep track of the plant, clone, or trim’s conversion process up until the final infused product

Fleet Management

Synchronizing video and GPS locations, for instant and accurate historical playback from any location and from a single or multiple device region, know or unknown

Those who use NatureTrak will DE-RISK their business.

Doug Esposito   |   Owen Dunn Insurance

Tools from the suite:

Track and Trace

The only free marijuana track and trace management software on the market.

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On-demand delivery and logistics management for your marijuana delivery based company.

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An e-commerce platform to validate, track, and report every marijuana retailer and transaction.

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Logistics Screenshot
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