State-issued "annual licenses" requirement:

All state-issued "annual licenses" are required to use the CCTT-METRC system to record, track, and maintain information about their product inventories and activities. Please note that "temporary licenses" are NOT required to use the system, nor will they be provided access to it.

Instead, the state’s emergency regulations require temporary licensees to document all sales and transfers of products between temporary licensees — or between temporary licensees and annual licensees — by manually using paper sales invoices or shipping manifests.

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NatureTrak is the bridge to the state system.

Our system handles finished product for the commercial cannabis business better than any other system currently on the market.

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Tools from the suite:

Track and Trace

The only free marijuana track and trace management software on the market.

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On-demand delivery and logistics management for your marijuana delivery based company.

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An e-commerce platform to validate, track, and report every marijuana retailer and transaction.

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Operate at a higher level.

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