Banking for Cannabis Merchants

Integrate transactions directly with banks.

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Deposit Funds

Deposit money into your account via ACH.

Armored Car Pick-ups

Stay safe with a professional cash pick up.


Send electronic invoices and allow “escrows.”

Bill Pay

Make payments online via the NatureTrak app.

First off I want to thank you NatureTrak for our new and active bank accounts! We have our fist cash pickup scheduled for this week, and are excited to see the whole process work. I know we had a ton of questions initially and hopefully our thinly veiled pessimism wasn't to demoralizing, I really appreciate you guys sticking with it, and being a part of making history for us and hopefully many other operators to come. Candid bank accounts with a reasonable fee structure seem to finally have arrived!

Aaron Flynn, Golden Gate Gen



45 - 90 Receivables “last to be paid,” Changing regulations, Taxes, Cash


Faster payments, +/- increased margins, brand appellation



Commodity purchases all cash, Proof Of Life, Proof of Funds, Cash


Direct sellers & buyers, no cash payments, safe & secure



Data Entry, Tax liabilities, Payables/Receivables, Insurance, Cash


Seamless order processing, in-transit insurance for product / cash, fleet management, profit sharing

Test Labs


Data Entry, Payroll, Cashless transactions, Robbery, Cash


Market average test prices, quick turnaround, transparency & visibility, creating a national index



Data Entry, Payroll, Cashless transactions, Robbery, Cash


Debit/credit card payments, proof of origin, CRM, campaigns & deals, marketing & advertising, order delivery

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