We enable cannabis commerce by providing an electronic payment hub coupled with rigorous regulatory and financial compliance.

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Join our network and pay vendors, local authorities, partners, stakeholders less than 2.95% per transaction.Tiered fees based on a YTD annual volume quarterly.

Account Deposit Fees

  • ACH Deposit: Included
  • Check Deposit Fee (where applicable): 2%
  • Business Cash Deposit Fee: Up to 1.5%

Account Withdrawal Fees

  • ACH Withdrawal: Included
  • Bill Pay: $25/month + $1.95 per check

Transaction Fee and
Guest Checkout Transaction Fee

  • Up to 1.5%

Track and Trace Compliant Financial Services


Q: Can a US Federal Bank take in money from a canna-business?

No. The US government says it's illegal for Federal Banks to take in money from cannabis businesses.

Q: Can other banks take money from

Yes, those that are State chartered (State banks).  The State mandates the State Bank's policies for retail and commercial services.

Q: So, NT is working with State Banks only?

Yes, but also Financial Institutions (e.g wealth management entities) that have a desire to get into the industry.

Q: Will a State bank, or Financial institution, only accept funds that are 'legal' at the state level and funds that are traceable?

Yes.  NatureTrak provides the system for ensuring that the business' transactions are 'compliant' to state laws. ICS ensures that the business' legacy monies are 'legal/good'.  

Q: Don't State Banks have FDIC insurance (Federal Insurance)?  Does this mean the State Banks cannot insure the cannabis portion of their deposits?

Yes, the bank is FDIC ensured. FDIC is not mandatory for banks (they opt-in) and banks do not insure all their deposits. For example, in Bank of America's case, only 40% of its deposits are insured by the FDIC. That equates to $510 billion. The remaining $770 billion isn't insured, according to FDIC data. By comparison, more than half of an average bank's deposits are insured – 51%, to be precise.  

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An e-commerce platform to validate, track, and report every marijuana retailer and transaction.

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Disclaimer: We cannot provide a legal opinion regarding the legality of any cannabis business’ operations. However, if the cannabis business is operating in compliance with state law and is not engaging in activities that implicate any of the 8 enforcement activities in the Cole Memo, it is highly likely that the business would avoid federal prosecution for engaging in cannabis activities otherwise prohibited under the Controlled Substance Act.

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