Track and Trace

The only free Track and Trace management software on the market.

Employ an end-to-end encryption to manage packages across the supply chain. Create plant labels in the garden  and quickly assign UID's to batches across immature, vegging, and flowering stages.

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Logistics management system for on-demand delivery.

Manage and track fleet workforces, medical and adult recreational deliveries, test lab samples, and more—all in real-time. Fleet managers can follow with a bird’s eye view of their deliveries.

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Raise the standard. Exchange, wholesale, shop.

Merge inventory from our NatureTrak app or any other Track and Trace platform. Fulfill your orders with a customizable marketplace and debit card check out. Learn more about your customers and their shopping habits.

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Operate at a higher level.

Our vertical integrated system tracks, traces and validates in real-time the identity, status, location of any product, business or employee throughout the chain of custody.

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