Our Approach to Serving Clients

We believes that the cannabis industry’s historical emphasis on compliance has been transcended by the necessity for sophisticated risk management. Our experts provide the road map and the tools you need to transform your company’s compliance strategies and manage enterprise risks effectively.

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Qualified Expertise

NatureTrak's approach to solving cannabis enterprise risk management challenges is founded on the only risk management framework specifically designed for cannabis businesses. The Association of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts’ Cannabis Risk Management Framework establishes a structured rubric to consistently measure and monitor risk drivers as the enterprise grows and matures.

Compliance Solutions

Implemented by certified expert consultants with dozens of years of experience in the highly regulated financial services risk and anti money laundering compliance industries. Their familiarity with federal regulatory methods and international risk management standards extends a higher level of assurance to business leaders and stakeholders.

Successful Strategies

NatureTrak Provides cost-effective, strategic approaches founded on refulations and guidance issued by federal and state agencies and trains your employees so they can continue to successfully execute the strategies after engagement ends.

We connect our solutions to the U.S. Department of Justice guidance on the evaluation of corporate compliance programs. This guidance provides a framework to mitigate criminal risk in instances where the underlying statute in question is ambiguous or contradictory to other applicable statutes.

The fundamental elements of the guidance closely corresponds to the Federal Financial Institutions. Examination Council’s Bank Secrecy Act Examination Procedures and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s examination procedures on compliance management.

Basing our solutions on these familiar foundations allows financial intuitions to quickly adopt and easily integrate cannabis-specific policies and procedures into their current control environment. Creating a clear approach for governance, controls, and monitoring for all parties dealing with cannabis-related financial transactions.

Properly managing the associated risk through compliance

Financial Services

To discuss our offerings or inquire regarding a custom-built solution, please get in touch.

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Recent Updates

As leaders in the cannabis compliance marketplace, Simplifya, NatureTrak, and HDCS have formed an alliance.

By acquiring Copacetic Strategies, NatureTrak has expanded its offerings and expertise which includes risk mitigation and more.

This webinar, co-hosted by HDCS, NatureTrak, and Simplifya, will explain how to bank cannabis safely and profitably. Together, we’ll share insights into the policies.

Understand the complexities and risks of this sector as cannabis product moves through the supply chain to its final destination.

Jontae James is the founder and CEO of Sacramento-based NatureTrak, which works with financial institutions to create an auditable supply chain record for their legal cannabis business customers.

Jontae shares his thoughts about social-equity programs that level the playing field for disadvantaged communities, offers advice for tech entrepreneurs hoping to make it in cannabis!