A Technology-First Approach

Our state-of-the-art technology is purpose-built for financial institutions providing services to cannabis-related businesses. The platform includes a myriad of features to streamline efficiencies and can easily scale as your cannabis banking program grows.

Seamless Connectivity

Direct integrations with core banking systems, track and trace technologies, accounting software, and payments solutions

Continual Development Enhancements

New features and platform upgrades ensure all industry changes are reflected quickly and accurately within the platform

Proven Reliability

System uptime operates more than 99.9% of the time

Intelligent Optimizations

Predictive learning models leverage millions of data points to accurately and properly manage risk

Marijuana Anomaly Detection (M.A.D.) Technology

NatureTrak’s Marijuana Anomaly Detection (M.A.D.) technology is a rules-based, AI-powered engine that monitors all cannabis-related transactions and flags potential risks in real-time. We are the only compliance solution that tracks the inversion and diversion of cannabis throughout the supply chain and NOT just at the point of sale. Our patent-pending technology incorporates federal, state, and FinCEN guidelines and is kept up to date as regulations change.

Inversion & Diversion Tracking Capabilities

The ONLY Compliance Technology Tracking the Entire Supply Chain NatureTrak fully integrates with government track and trace systems and accounting and POS software, establishing complete visibility from cannabis seed to bank deposit. These integrations paired with our Marijuana Anomaly Detection (M.A.D.), make our solution the only technology tracking the inversion and diversion of product. Not only does this mitigate risk, but it empowers our customers to bank cannabis confidently without worrying about running afoul of cannabis compliance rules and regulations.

PRE-Deposit Validation

Validate Funds BEFORE they Enter Your Financial Institution The cannabis supply chain is notorious for money laundering activities. That is why our platform was designed to monitor all cannabis transactions, even those well in advance of retail operations. As a result, NatureTrak can guarantee every deposit made has been pre-validated against a cannabis operator’s verified product inventory, significantly reducing the risk of illicit funds entering a financial institution.

Integrated License & Entity Verification

Automated Verification Before EVERY System Transaction NatureTrak’s license and entity verification is integrated within the platform and automatically operates in the background alongside every activity or transaction being processed by the system. This protects our customers from transacting with any cannabis-related businesses that may have a revoked or inactive license.

But We Aren’t Just Technology!

NatureTrak’s comprehensive suite of services for compliance and risk management also includes cannabis banking advisory services and regulatory guidance and support. Whether you need guidance creating a new cannabis banking program or support navigating a challenging state regulation, we can help.

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