Track and Trace Solutions for State and Local Government

We make software that solves the key issues facing Cannabis businesses, the financial institutions that bank them and the government regulators that oversee it all.

Solving the three biggest issues in our industry.

Tying together every stage in the value chain, from inventory management, to distribution logistics, to digital transactions, we are solving for the key issues of today: Compliance, Collaboration, and Cash.

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Keep your money safe with banking for THC and CBD businesses.

Becoming compliant means gaining access to legal banking and encrypted digital payments. We'll guide you through the process to make sure you hit the ground running.

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A free compliance management software.

Manage your product across the supply chain. Create plant labels in the garden and assign UID's to batches across immature, vegging, and flowering stages.


Record and manage marijuana grow activity throughout every stage of your garden's lifecycle.


Assign tasks and manage inventory between locations using real-time geolocation.


Distribution management for on-demand delivery.

Manage fleets, deliveries, and test lab samples in real-time. Workforce managers can now follow shipping with a bird’s eye view of the operations.


Easily capture, document, and report every infusion, extraction package, and labeling process.


Maximize efficiency with label scanning, proof of origin, and a streamlined e-commerce integration.


Raise the standard. Shop cannabis, wholesale.

Merge your NatureTrak inventory directly into your own branded marketplace with e-commerce integration.

Government integrator, FinCEN & AML compliant.

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