Bank Cannabis Safely & Profitably

Cannabis is complex. Banking shouldn't be.

Remove the guesswork with NatureTrak’s full suite of Federal & State examined tested compliance tools for financial institutions banking cannabis.


Real Testimonies From Real People

Chris Call, CEO of
North Bay Credit Union

Check out this interview with Chris Call and his experience with NatureTrak.


We Work Hard So You Don't Have To.

Automate and validate all transactions BEFORE ever entering the bank.  Our tools provide visibility and transparency from seed to sell.

Marijuana Anomaly

The ONLY artificial intelligence cannabis rules-based engine that analyzes supply chain data and incorporates FinCEN guidance.

Pre-Deposit Validation

METRC, POS & Accounting integrations. Validate sales before a dollar enters the bank. Federal and State tested audit log for ALL transaction types.

CTR & SAR Automated Reporting

Whether you’re building a new program or strengthening the one you have, the experts that power our platform are available when you need them.

Administrative Orders Are Happening

National Credit Union Association

Compliance Solutions

NatureTrak Solutions

Today We Have Supported

Cannabis Banking As-A-Service

NatureTrak is building the cannabis compliance infrastructure for the financial world and providing cannabis banking as-a-service. We have a full suite of compliance tools for any financial institution to safely and profitably onboard, monitor and compliantly bank cannabis-related businesses.

NatureTrak Puts CRB
Data All In One Place

NatureTrak's enterprise solution is purposed built for financial institutions banking cannabis. Streamline your operations across risk mitigation, document management, transaction verification, and much more — all from a single platform.

Why Now? Safe Banking Will Pass

Banks and Credit Union’s  are already providing services to cannabis industry

15 States have legalized recreational marijuana & 31 States have legalized medical marijuana. There are another 13 States expect to legalize recreational or medical marijuana in 2021.

M.O.R.E. Act

Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment
& Expungement Act

This bill decriminalizes marijuana. Specifically, it removes marijuana from the list of scheduled substances under the Controlled Substances Act and eliminates criminal penalties for an individual who manufactures, distributes, or possesses marijuana.

S.A.F.E. Banking Act

Secure & Fair Enforcement Banking Act

The purpose of this Act is to increase public safety by ensuring access to financial services to cannabis-related legitimate businesses and service providers and reducing the amount of cash at such businesses.

Transform Compliance Department Into Profit Center

"With NatureTrak, we’ve drastically decreased the amount of time that we spend connecting dots to ensure that we are banking only legitimate businesses, which is a huge deal."

Carole McCormick, Chief Compliance Officer- North Bay Credit Union

No Additional Staff Requirements

Governance policies and procedures

Internal controls built for cannabis banking

Proprietary cannabis risk models

Transaction monitoring and SAR guidance

Pre-operation staff training

Health and METRC reporting templates

Cannabis Lifecycle Risk Monitoring System

Inherit Risk

Customer due diligence collected at account opening, is transformed into 150 risk factors.

Initial Assessment

Risk factors are analyzed using the cannabis risk management framework.

Track & Trace Mitigation

Mandated regulatory data system integrated to leverage commercial transparency.

Financial Reporting Mitigation

Business accounting software integrated to enable dual validation process.

Marijuana Anomaly Detection

Application of machine learning cloud monitoring system to detects anomalous activity.

Cannabis Banking for Large and Small Clients


License Vetting

Invoice Vetting

Vendor Vetting

SAR Reporting


Pre-operation staff training

Health and METRC reporting templates

NatureTrak Has Solved Cannabis Banking

Professional Services

BSA/AML Risk Assesment

Reputational Risk

Operational Risk

Legal Risk

Regulatory Risk

Liquidity Risk

Lending Risk

Contingency Plan

Exit Strategy


Marijuana Anomaly Detection

License Verification

Track & Trace


Deposit Verification



Risk Scoring


A verified 3rd party METRC integrator.

Connect directly to the state system to access data for transparency across both Merchant and Bank channels.

Aligned with strategic partnerships.

Our team has extensive experience in both financial regulations and Cannabis Related Business compliance.

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