Government integrator.
FinCEN & AML compliant.

We’ve drastically decreased the amount of time that we spend connecting dots to ensure that we are banking only legitimate businesses, which is a huge deal.

Donna Gomes, Compliance Manager, 
North Bay Credit Union

Your CRB client data, all in one place.

Bring compliance state data and financial insights together to reach your goals faster. With NatureTrak, you can streamline your operations across risk mitigation, document management, transaction verification, and more — all from a single platform.


Connect to 3rd party POS and TNT to unlock more insights.


Our security tools help protect your account—and your customers' data.


Comprised of industry supply chain, municipalities, and now banks.

Access, manage, and mitigate common areas of risks:

Credit Risk

A Verified 3rd-party METRC Integrator.

NatureTrak connects directly to the state system to access data for transparency across both Merchant and Bank channels.

Aligned with strategic partnerships.

Our team has extensive experience in both financial regulations and in Cannabis Related Business compliance.

Policy Resources

Looking for guidance on AML or vendor management? Look here.

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Licensing Resources

Download official state documents to learn about license and TNT.

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State Resources

Which states have gone green? Here’s a comprehensive list.

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Get MAD. Get Marijuana Activity Detection.

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